Our factory is located in the city that next to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Heading to Hanoi, the train goes by the following sequence:

Baise Station - Pingxiang Station (China) - Ga Đồng Đăng (Hanoi) - Ga yên viên (Hanoi)

Sea Freight

The distance between Qinzhou port and our factory is about 350km.


Trucking provide solution for last mile delivery.


25kg Plastic woven bags is most commonly used for Ferrous Sulphate by our customers. Besides, we also have different variety of packaging such as 500kg, 1000kg, 1200kg, 1350kg packaging. Customization including marks, printing, packaging, extra packaging are available according to customer requests.


Different loading options are provided in responds to different customers requests. Take loading 25kg PP bag Ferrous Sulphate as an example.

For container shipping, two options of loading are available.

Option 1 (default option, maximum capacity, lowest price):

Option 2 (easy for unloading, tidy, additional charges applied):